Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekly Challenge

This challenge will be to create a 3”x3” card that is used to give out like a calling card. I saw this on she also owns the store Cutters Creak she is a really great lady and she allows you to lay a way stuff from her store as well. She is a great lady with a big heart. She had to create one for a show she was at and what it is a 3”x3” card that is decorated in the front and then has your info on the back so you can give out with your stuff. Like with an ATC card when the artist makes it they have their info on the back so you know where you got the card. Some time they also tell you the media they used as well. I thought this would be different.

Here is mine have have this thing with Lips I just love them they Rock lol so here is mine :)
The rose I made as well it is made from fabric and wire from Wal-Mart

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I just love the card :) it has Butterfly's on it.

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