Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oct 31-Nov 6 Challenge Swing or Flip Card

The Challenge this week was for a Swing or a flip card. I for one have never made one and I really like it I may do this for my Thanksgiving cards this year. This challenge was so that we could do something more then just the regular card. This is were I came across this video You Tube when I was doing our schedule so I thought what the heck lets do it. Here is mine :) I can't wait to try to do more with them.

The first lady on our DT is Laura @ Laura's Crafts and More She has just more then great cards she has some great Ideas for Organizing your crafts as well stop by and check her out. Her is her card for this week.
Here is Carol's version of the flip card Just as different as the rest of the cards this DT has come up with. Spot by Carol's blog @ Cardstockscissorsandglue and check out some of her other work.
Here is Tamara's @ The Cricut Craft Chamber I love the leaf that she hand made I told her it looked real. I like the card it reminds me of Stain glass great job. 

Here is Lisa L's @ Lisa's Creative Niche She did hers as a very cute Christmas Cards just love all the diffident cards all you ladies have do so far. Great Job. 


  1. I am sorry for the late post, very simple and elegant. Great job Becky!


  2. All the cards look GREAT, what a fun challenge!

    Crafty Love

  3. These all turned out great! :) I'm so sorry I couldn't participate this week!