Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 26-October 2 Challenge for the DT

This weeks challenge was to to find a fun project of there choice something that they have been need to work on, wanted to work on, or just something new they wanted to try.
This was my project for this week I wanted to do something different and saw this and this was what I wanted to make. I will try and post the link if I can find it again lol. It takes a 5x8 note pad and makes a decorative cover for it. Using card stock, 3 shipping tags, ribbon or stretchy cord, and some pattern paper.
 This is the in side of it  think it looks great I love the color :)

The first lady on the DT is Lisa L. you can check out her blog @  Lisa's Creative Niche  for here project she said she wanted to do something a little difference, since she could share any fun project she wanted. Lisa said "So this isn't a paper craft, but I'm so proud and so excited to be making little Maddie's wicked witch costume this year that I had to share part of it with all of you!  I got this idea from a Robert's Crafts video, and I LOVE IT!!!  Sooooo easy and I want to make more in all sorts of colors"!

Here is the cute little tutu of the Halloween Costume. It is so darn cute.
 Here is the cute little matching hat to go with it. 

This is Laura's challenge for this week. She went with a project that someone needed for a wedding gift it is a beautiful altered picture frame. You can go check out the whole story behind the Beautiful frame atLaura's Crafts and More while your there check out all her other great work :)

Her is Tamra's cool project she maid for her niece it is the longest ribbon I have ever But it rocks just love it. You can go check her blog out that she just started come on fellow craters go check it out and become a follower pay it forward. You can find her hanging out at The Circut Craft Chamber she would love for you to stop by.
 This photo makes it look like it goes on for ever and ever it's the never ending ribbon. lol

Her is our next lady of the week Ashley you can check her out at  Made Especially for You she said her inspiration for making the card is a coworker of her's celebrated her golden birthday and she had never made a golden birthday card for any one so that is her whole inspiration for the card it looks great. :)

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  1. Great projects!!
    ♥ Laura ♥