Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3D Project Challenge for Queen of my Craft Room's Design team

This is my first post to my blog. This was a 3D Challenge from Queen of my craft Room for her design team. It is also my first 3D project and I don't think it turned out that bad.
The Top/side view of it.

The side view with a better view of the flowers

The box when it folds out. I will put a link to the YouTube video on how to make the flowers as soon as I can :)


  1. I think it is beautiful!! Corrine

  2. Looks good. One of these days I will figure out this whole blog thing! Guess I'll have to get my kids to help me! lol

  3. There you go make the kids do it. that is a good Idea I should have thought of that. But I to great people help me get my started now I just have to start putting things on it. LOL